Making Peace With Self Promotion

March 18, 2021

What IS NOT Self Promotion?

  • A popularity contest
  • It is not a substitute for high quality work.
  • An ability you are born with.

What IS Self Promotion?

  • It is a way for people to find you and your work.
  • It is a skill. That means the more you practice it the better you will get at it.

How Can I Practice Self Promotion?

  • Observe people who do it well. Learn from them.
  • Blog. Write about your work, ideas, interests, thoughts. Remember that project you spent the entire semester working on? You can write short posts on individual concepts you used. Blogging is awesome because it,

    • Tests your understanding.
    • Is a repository of organized knowledge.
    • Saves you time.
    • Could serve as your resume (someday).
    • Attracts the right people in your life.
  • Engage with like-minded people, and also people one or two steps ahead of you on Twitter.
  • Attend meetups. Find the groups that you feel comfortable and safe with. Ask for an oppourtunity to speak/ present.
  • Blogging —> Speaking —> Tweets —> Blogging

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